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Pineapple Ceramic Plates


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Pineapple Ceramic Plates
Material: ceramic
Specifications: total length of 195 × the most wide at 132mm
Use: Storage, snack plate, dried fruit plate, ornaments and so on

  • Fresh, elegant, quiet.
  • Exquisite porcelain dish.
  • Using lead-free glaze high temperature firing.

Simple and brilliant, creative novelty, electroplating gold glaze, low-key luxury, a copy of their own innocence, you - as always, low-key, there is content. Ceramic pineapple plate, unique style leaves, glass radish clear line, electroplating process, used to store some small objects, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.!

Shallow golden reveals a light wind, elegant, low-key, comfortable, but without loss of elegance and elegance.

Not to walk in the front, not to show off praise, but to enjoy the beauty of life. Ceramic texture and the combination of pineapple shape, determines its simplicity and texture, very rich in the Nordic atmosphere and affinity, gentle cultural atmosphere of which waves.

Micro-closed eyes, so fragrant refreshing, so that everything becomes cheerful and clear, not ordinary until dawn.